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As a leading provider of tutoring services in South Africa, Tutor Doctor understands the importance of personalised learning and continuous growth. We cover a wide range of educational topics, offering valuable tips, strategies, and expert advice for parents, teachers, tutors, and of course students! With Tutor Doctor’s blogs by your side, you can get a better understanding of educational topics, learn how to become a better tutor and parent, and more!

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A Guide To The Types Of Learning Styles
17 July 2024
Each and every single one of us has our own unique way of learning. Some people prefer to read and take notes, while oth...
10 Winter Break Learning Activities
08 July 2024
Every child and parent looks forward to winter break as a chance to take a breather from the hectic school schedule and ...
AI In Education: How To Prepare Students
29 June 2024
The impact of AI in education is undeniable. What we once thought was impossible has now become a reality. We can tal...
Online Priority Management Tools to Help Students Stay Organised
24 June 2024
Students who balance many things – school, family, friends and studies – know that it can be challenging to stay org...
5 Ways Tutors Can Promote Critical Thinking In Children
24 June 2024
Critical thinking in children, especially young ones, does not always come naturally. It is a skill that needs to be nur...
Mid-Year Matric Tips: Assessing Progress and Adjusting Strategies
08 June 2024
You\'re halfway there! You\'ve made it through half of your matric year, and it\'s time to assess your progress and m...
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