Our Difference

Tutor Doctor was founded 15 years ago with the realisation that traditional classroom settings often fail to fully unleash a student’s learning potential.

To address this issue, Tutor Doctor provides private in-home and online tutoring tailored to each student’s individual learning style rather than providing generic tutoring sessions similar to a classroom environment.

This unique approach sets Tutor Doctor apart from the conformity often seen in the education industry.

The Tutor Doctor Difference

Trusted In-Home And Online Private Tutors

If you are searching for private tutors for your child, you likely have criteria such as qualifications, knowledge, amiability, empathy and adaptability in mind.

Tutor Doctor can fulfil all of these requirements and beyond.

We pride ourselves on the fact that: 

  • Our local business owners are actively involved and engaged in their communities.
  • Our tutoring services are personalised and flexible in scheduling to meet your needs.
  • Our services go beyond just tutoring. We genuinely care about the success of each student.

Our one-to-one, in-home and online tutoring services are tailored to the individual needs of students, regardless of their desired level of academic achievement.

We have qualified tutors who can assist with all subjects, ages, levels of education, and even provide support for special needs and adult learners.

The Tutor Doctor Difference Trusted In-Home And Online Private Tutors

Our tutoring services have positively impacted over 200,000 students worldwide, with an outstanding number of 20,000 since 2017 here in South Africa alone! We've boosted their confidence and provided them with learning skills they need to succeed in school and in life!


What Else Makes Us Stand Out?

  • Personalised tutoring solutions for maximum improvement
  • 2,000 private tutors here in South Africa
  • Commitment to building tutor-student connections
  • Prominent and trusted tutoring franchise in the educational industry
  • High satisfaction rate – 95% of our customers are happy to recommend us

The Tutor Doctor Process

Our approach is comprehensive and collaborative. We team up with you, your child and their teachers to find the perfect tutors and identify the right strategies.

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Don’t settle for average.
Invest in your student’s success with Tutor Doctor.
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