Our Private In-Home And Online Tutors

Excellent Educators Who Care

We at Tutor Doctor understand that personalised, one-to-one tutoring is essential for achieving academic goals. That’s why we handpick professional tutors who align with each student’s unique learning style, personality, and challenges.

Not only do our tutors possess impressive qualifications on paper, but they also have a genuine passion for educating!

With Tutor Doctor, students receive more than just academic guidance; they also get a tutor who will build a supportive relationship, creating a comfortable space for learning and growth.

Our Private In-Home And Online Tutors Excellent Educators Who Care

What Does Our Process Involve?


We hire based on skill.

Our recruitment process consists of five phases which involve face-to-face interviews, safety and criminal background checks, and contacting references. We do this to ensure that our tutors have the necessary skills and experience to provide excellent service to our students.


We hire based on humanity.

We value personality as much as skill when hiring tutors. This means that we only hire tutors who we would trust to teach our own children.


We equip tutors for success.

Tutor Doctor provides continuous training, support, and quality checks for our tutors, while also monitoring customer feedback. We provide tutors with the tools, knowledge and resources to help your child succeed. If a tutor does not mesh with the learning styles and needs of your student, we will happily match you with a more suitable tutor.

If you need a qualified and compassionate tutor for your child, we can help match you with the right person.

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