CAPS Curriculum Preparation

Ready To Conquer The CAPS Curriculum This Year? We've Got You Covered!

To ensure readiness for learning and assessment in a CAPS curriculum-based school, you must be adequately prepared. The end goal is to maximise the potential of each learner, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for future success.

At Tutor Doctor, we understand the importance of a solid foundation in the CAPS curriculum. That’s why our tutors are experts in preparing students to excel in their studies, using tried and tested methods that align with the CAPS curriculum.


What Is The CAPS Curriculum?

The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) was introduced as the national curriculum for South African schools in 2012. Developed by the Department of Basic Education, it serves as a comprehensive framework for teaching, learning, and assessment in all public schools across the country. The main goal is to make sure students have a seamless and impactful educational experience, setting them up for success in their academic journey.

The Four Phases

The CAPS document is divided into four distinct phases:


Foundation Phase

Grades R-3


Intermediate Phase

Grades 4-6


Senior Phase

Grades 7-9


Further Education and Training

Grades 10-12

The Learning Areas

The CAPS document covers eight learning areas, which include:

Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Life Orientation
Creative Arts
Economic and Management

How Can Our Tutors Help You Prepare For The CAPS Curriculum?

No matter your phase or learning area, our tutors at Tutor Doctor have the expertise and experience to help you excel in your studies. Our personalised approach means we tailor our tutoring sessions to your needs, ensuring you are fully prepared for any assessments or exams.

We also use study materials and resources that align with the CAPS curriculum, giving you the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

At Tutor Doctor, we believe that preparation is key to academic success. That’s why our tutors focus on helping you understand the material and teaching you valuable study skills and techniques that will benefit you beyond the classroom.

We are dedicated to seeing our students thrive and reach their full potential in the CAPS curriculum and beyond.

Conquer Your CAPS Curriculum Preparation With Our Tutoring Services

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